Count kilograms and pigs: Industry-leading performanceThe Camborough® is bred to maximize the kilograms of weaned pigs per year with excellent feed efficiency. In addition, the Camborough® can be bred typically three weeks earlier than other genetics, resulting in a higher total number of piglets per sow per lifetime and lower production costs.

Prolificicacy with:

  • Uniform vigorous piglets
  • Excellent mothering abilities

Robustness with:

  • Low sow mortality
  • Long productive life

Efficiency with:

  • Fewer gilt development days
  • Lower cost per weaned piglet from
  • Less feed usage
  • More lifetime pigs marketed per gilt
  • Weaned pigs with
  • Superior feed conversion
  • High daily gain

  • Efficiency, robustness, and prolificacy.

  • The industry-leading economic package.

  • Lower total cost per piglet.

PIC337 is PIC’s best selling sire globally due to its strong performance in fully integrated systems. This product is selected to produce uniform progency and deliver excellent profitabilty.

Efficient Growth:

  • Lean Gain Efficiency
  • Valuable carcasses
  • Excellent Feed Conversion
  • Excellent heavy weight performances


  • Reduced days to slaughter
  • Lower costs
  • Best profit performance in integrated systems


  • Excellent uniform progeny

  • Superior performance for integrated systems.

  • Lower total cost per piglet.

Our Duroc-base Sire With Added Efficiency

This line is a great choice for producers who strive to increase profitability while benefiting from the Duroc’s ease of management and meat quality traits.

Efficient Growth

  • Rapid Growth Rate
  • Strong Feed Conversion at Heavy Weights
  • Excellent Robustness & Livability


  • High Meat Quality &  Carcass Value
  • High Thoughput & Profitability
  • More Full-value Pigs Marketed

Our durable cross-bred sire balances the meat characteristics from a Duroc with the economics from our most efficient lines.

PIC’s newest addition to its terminal boar family, the PIC410, is a hybrid boar that combines high primal yields, leanness and robustness with the excellent growth rate, feed conversion, carcass leanness and meat quality of the industry’s leading terminal boar, the PIC337.

Resulting from generations of quantitative selection for economically important traits and more recently with the aid of marker assisted selection, the PIC410 boar is positioned for those producers who desire a terminal boar that sires pigs with efficiently produced high yields of lean primal cuts.

  • High emphasis on lean meat % and conformation
  • Very robust hybrid boar
  • Good libido
  • Exceptional carcass muscling
  • Superb feed conversion ratios

  • The number one all-rounder!

  • For the best value between carcass value and high daily gain

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