Gene Transfer Centre (GTC)

GTC Technology

PIC® is the leader in the supply of liquid genetics to producers in South Africa. To support the industry and the growth in demand for our PIC products. We have constructed a more than 165 boar stud in Middelburg from where semen of all our boar lines are distributed.

Porcsem is an independently private owned boar stud near Port Elizabeth with a capacity of a 100 boars. Porcsem is a valuable business partner of PIC and produces and distributes semen from all our PIC boar lines mostly in the Western and Eastern Cape.

Lab Applications

PIC is committed to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to semen assessment and as such has equipped our lab stocked its lab with the very latest in semen analysis and processing equipment. Coupled with applying the most up to date technology we also routinely have full semen doses checked by 3rd party specialist to ensure everything we do, is creating the most consistent product possible. Our PIC GTC is supported by Minitube Germany. Minitube is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of AI technologies and equipment. Our PIC GTC is 100% equipped with the latest Minitube products which includes instruments like Computer Assisted Semen Analysis, Mini-BSP Automated filling, and sealing, labelling and packaging machine, laboratory management software and automated dispensing.

Data Logging

PIC rotates data loggers through the delivery pattern to ensure that each delivery route is monitored for temperature fluctuations on a regular basis. The loggers travel with the semen in the sealed packs, and stay with semen until next delivery, which is when the logger can be sent back, and interpreted. We will then return the print out of the temps that were recorded, in the form of a graph, and interpret if necessitated. Not only does this monitor temperature during delivery, but also monitors the temperatures that are occurring in your cooler in the bam.

At PIC we only use the very best in semen extenders. The majority of orders are filled with manufacturer specified 5 day extender. If customer warrants the use of a longer term solution to fit their production needs we are able to use an extender classified for up to 10 days.

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