Manuals & Leaflets

The following PIC manuals and leaflets have been published to help you maximize the genetic potential of the animals in your operations.


Nutrition Specifications Manual
AI Manual
Gilt & Sow Management Manual
Wean to Finish Manual
PIC Selection Manual
Early Pig Care Manual
Real PIG Handbook
Boar Stud Management Manual


Leaflet- Semen Care Checklist
Leaflet- PIC 410
Leaflet- PIC 337
Leaflet- Growth Curves
Leaflet- Semen Control Sheet
Leaflet- Camborough
Leaflet- GTC Centre
Pig Champ- Reproductive Product Sheet
Pig Champ- Online
Pig Champ- Grow Finish Product Sheet
Pig Champ- Mobile Product Sheet

The manuals and leaflets are available electronically in pdf format. To order a hard copy, please contact your account manager or PIC marketing at

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