High-Performance Animals

PIC has the largest stable of top performing Terminal sires available in the industry – more than all others combined, documented by competitive trials conducted in our customers’ environments.

Our broad line of boars allows us to provide the perfect fit for any production system anywhere in the world.

Camborough® sows lead the industry by producing robust, fast-growing, efficient, lean pigs and the most kilograms of pork per sow per lifetime.

Gilt products

PIC offer gilt products at any age between 10 weeks and 30 weeks to our customers.

Boar Products

Our PIC 337, PIC 380 and PIC 410 boar lines are available after physical and genetic evaluation and selection of seven months of age

Breeding programs

PIC is renowned for tailoring our breeding program to meet the needs of our customers. The movement of breeding pigs amongst farms and across borders have however become increasingly dangerous because of the bio-security risk it poses.

PIC offers a number of CHM closed herd multiplication options where PIC customers can produce their own parent gilt on their own farms. The CHM programs are mainly based on the use of semen of superior PIC genetic lines. All movement of live animals are voided as we only use semen on the farm for producing replacement gilts.

DCHM or semen only breeding programs offer huge advantages:

  • GP semen from our best PIC boars to be used on your farm.
  • PIC technical and genetic services team support team will assist you in the selection and breeding protocols.
  • Your GP herd can be loaded onto the PIC PICTraq® database for increased breeding accuracy and decision making.
  • No animal movements and therefore improved bio-security.
  • Improved optimization and immunity of gilts.
  • Better control over the type of selection gilts and replacements.
  • Improved selection pressure
  • Better control over gilt and herd replacement percentage.
  • Improved herd and gilt performance
  • No transportation – saving in costs.
  • Genetic progress
  • Ease of use and management

Crossbred Breeding Value (CBV)

PIC now utilize CBV (Crossbred Breeding Value) to calculate the breeding values of PIC boars prior to being transferred to our stud and on an ongoing basis once boars are in production. This innovative system adds additional information from the commercial level to the boar’s own test performance and Picmarq genotypes. This is achieved by measuring the performance of crossbred sibs, sired by the same Genetic Nucleus (GN) herd sires, raised and processed in commercial environments. Breeding values are then estimated for realized genetic potential in real world conditions using both purebred and crossbred data.

CBV targets commercial crossbred performance, or in other words, realized genetic potential at the farm and plant level. This means that PIC now selects its pure lines and parent boars based on how their progeny are expected to perform in commercial conditions, rather than on performance of lines in the pristine GN environment. This enables a more accurate ranking of the boars according to their commercially expressed genetic value.

Data from crossbred pigs raised in commercial farms is being added to the system on a daily basis, allowing for constant updating of PIC boar indexes. This program ensures that we only receive boar’s selected using up-to-date commercial crossbred information for greater potential than ever to realize the genetic improvements made by PIC in their own farms and processing plants.

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