Technical Services

Herd Visits

PIC technical service representatives are available to conduct regular, in-herd reviews of the pig herd reproductive systems in customer herds. This service is offered at no additional charge, and respect for herd biosecurity is maintained. Assistance in training for new AI programs is also available.

Technique Management

Whether at program start-up or during regular herd visits, evaluations of the oestrous-detection program and the Al-mating practices are made to provide guidance for optimizing labour efficiency, while improving herd fertility.

Genetic Program Design

As each producer recognizes the specific needs within their herd, a customized genetic program can be designed to successfully utilize the best options available from PIC. These options include both terminal and maternal semen products, as well as PIC female breeding stock.

Technical Services Staff

PIC's technical services staff is available to our customers to work with them on routine herd visits, technique management, reproductive evaluations, genetic program design, genetic cost calculation and AI program support. We encourage our customers to schedule routine herd and farm visits to allow us to assist in bringing them management tools and resources to propel on-farm performance.

Reproductive Evaluations

Complete review and discussion of the entire reproductive system is offered to identify areas of opportunity in improving the management of female pig and to achieve greater reproductive efficiency.

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