Count kilograms and pigs: Industry-leading performanceThe Camborough® is bred to maximize the kilograms of weaned pigs per year with excellent feed efficiency. In addition, the Camborough® can be bred typically three weeks earlier than other genetics, resulting in a higher total number of piglets per sow per lifetime and lower production costs.

Prolificicacy with:

  • Uniform vigorous piglets
  • Excellent mothering abilities

Robustness with:

  • Low sow mortality
  • Long productive life

Efficiency with:

  • Fewer gilt development days
  • Lower cost per weaned piglet from
  • Less feed usage
  • More lifetime pigs marketed per gilt
  • Weaned pigs with
  • Superior feed conversion
  • High daily gain
  • Efficiency, robustness, and prolificacy.
  • The industry-leading economic package.
  • Lower total cost per piglet.