Our superior and unique genetic platform provides for more profit potential no other genetics company invests more money on research and development than PIC. As a result the rate of genetic improvement and acceleration has never been faster.

PIC is the only genetic company in the world that genotypes every single nucleus male animal, which means that every PIC animal in the world is impacted. PIC will high-density genotype more animals over the next 12 months than the rest of the world combined. 

How PIC Invests More in Your Success

Unrivalled Support and Reliable Supply

  • PIC Technical Service concentrates on total herd efficiency and profitability to help you maximize the genetic potential of your herd.
  • PIC offers industry-leading product manuals that detail the proper feed and production specifications for your PIC animals.
  • PIC’s Supply Chain focuses intently on delivering maximum genetic value by minimizing genetic lag via implementation of proprietary genetic management tools.

Genomic Based Pedigree Selection (GBPS)

PIC leads the way in genomics technology to make breeding more accurate. Over the last two years, our R&D team has increased selection accuracy by 35% with a marked effect on the rate of genetic progress. The team has developed proprietary genomic chips for sampling pigs’ DNA more intensively and uses sophisticated statistical techniques of imputation to enhance this genetic information at lower cost.

Faster genetic improvement strengthens customer loyalty and increases our competitive lead.

PIC uses GBPS In a proprietary system where:

  • Every PIC nucleus male is genotyped
  • Every PIC nucleus sow is genotyped
  • Every PIC animal around the world is positively Impacted
  • Every trait on every PIC animal is impacted

PIC’s GBPS methodology more accurately identifies the truly elite animals based on all economic traits in our index. This year we will genotype more than 50,000 animals which is more than all other swine genetics companies combined.

Genetics Management & Profitability

Beyond leading the industry in terms of our core genetic improvement platform, PIC is committed to delivering the economic potential from our Genetic Nucleus herds to our customers as efficiently as possible. PIC’s genetic services team is entirely focused on working with our multiplication network and boar studs to optimize the dissemination of elite genetics.

To ensure PIC gilts are of the highest genetic merit possible, production nucleus herds work closely with a genetic services representative and receive weekly, monthly and quarterly reports. The reports are focused on key implementation metrics (i.e. maximizing genetic potential of mattings), as well as trends in total economic potential overtime.

This allows us to highlight successful implementation of our multiplication program, as well as identify opportunities to more efficiently disseminate PIC genetic improvement.

The PIC team has an active role in the genetic-management of boar stud inventories Our Optimum Boar Life model was developed to calculate the ideal number of weeks a boar should remain in the stud to maximize his contribution to total system profits.

This model is used on a regular basis to produce culling recommendations, and on a quarterly basis to monitor the overall genetic merit within a stud. The reports are an objective way for boar studs to manage their inventories as a profitable investment. These initiatives further ensure systems using PIC terminal sires have continual access to genetic improvement.

Full-system support of our multiplication and dissemination networks Is another way PIC ensures our customers never stop improving.