Export FAQ

Yes, we do:  For Exports, we are able to supply the Camborough® F1 Gilt and Terminal Sire line boars for the production of slaughter pigs. Our Camborough gilts (large white / landrace crosses) are exceptional mothers, with an unequalled carcass contribution.  The boars applicable for export are the ‘Natural Service’ boars. We have 3 terminal sire lines namely the PIC410, PIC380 and the PIC337 – all giving piglets with exceptional growth and performance

Pure Dam lines (Large White, Landrace and White Duroc’s) are only available on a firm contract base after a principal customer relationship has been established over a period of time. Strict evaluation processes will be followed before any agreements can be put in place.

We are focussing on supplying breeding gilts from 10 to 27 weeks of age.  But in the case where transport by Road is too far, we need to transport the pigs via Air. The Airfreight crates can accommodate between 30 – 35 animals that weigh between 27kg -53kg.

(Usually, they are in the vicinity of 10 – 15 weeks old at that weight, the older they are and the more they weigh, the less we can accommodate).

If transported via air, it is advisable to import between 30 – 35 animals at a time to make it more cost effective for you.

The boars are 6,5 – 7months of age for road freight, and 15weeks of age when they are exported via air, also due to the crate sizes.

Click here if your farm is located in Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana & Mozambique

If your farm is not located in one of the countries mentioned above, please follow this link to request a pricelist

Angola Email: Jose.Lupi@genusplc.com

Please note:  Prices excludes the following:

Transport cost

Veterinary & Health Fees

Permit Handling & Admin Fees

Custom / border VAT

Insurance cost

Any other specific test that might be required by the importing country regulations

Yes, the minimum order is 10 pigs in total.  The maximum order will depend on the age groups and  type of transport that we will need to use. 

First, we need to review your countries import regulations to confirm compatibility and assess if out of the ordinary tests or procedures are expected from us as the exporting country. Please forward us a copy of your countries import regulations (obtainable from your state veterinarian) to start the process. 

Once the regulations are assessed with a positive outcome you will be notified, and a formal quote can be compiled.  For the quote, we need the following information:

Farm Name and(or) Company name

Physical address where farm is located

Full Contact details (email address, phone number and contact person)

Number and ages of pigs (male and (or) female)

Please allow 5 – 7 working days to compile your quote.

All quotes will be in ZAR and SWIFT payment to be made in ZAR (South African Rand) with the bank fees for the customer’s account. 

Acceptance of quote must be confirmed in writing and all customers are obligated to complete an account information document before payment can be allocated.

To ensure the health status of our farm, and the health of the animals we sell, we follow very strict biosecurity standards and for that reason no other vehicles are allowed on our farms.

Although we plan our shipments carefully, we do work with live animals for whom traveling can be very stressful and sometimes life threatening.  Theoretically, there is always a 5% chance of loss or injury during transportation of animals – especially over long distances.  For this reason, as a standard procedure, we add buffers and insurance to our quotation. 

Buffers can be regarded as upfront replacements included in your shipment on top of your original order.  This is defined as paying only slaughter value (if you need to cull an animal due to injury or non-performance) so replacement will not be necessary.  (The animals are still the same, just at a discounted price and is calculated on a percentage on top of your standard order)

Insurance is an optional extra.  Should something happen to more than the added buffer animals, the insurance will help to cover the replacement cost.  Customers have the option to arrange their own insurance (dismissing the insurance line on the quotation) with the understanding that the arrangement for possible replacement animals will be on the customer’s account.

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You can serve/mate the gilts at ≥ 30 weeks of age (135 – 159 kg live weight). By buying in younger breeding gilts’, it gives them time for adaptation prior to breeding. It is however important to give a proper gilt rearer ration ad lib to the younger gilts in order for them to develop well as breeding females. We recommend a gilt rearer ration from ≤15 weeks of age until 27 weeks or even 30 weeks of age. Change to a dry sow ration thereafter, still ad lib until the point of breeding, where after restricted feeding will be applicable. It is advisable to increase the gilt’s energy intake the week prior to breeding with e.g. a mating ration or, if not practical possible, then a lactation diet.

They reach maturity between 7 to 8 months of age.  To get the most out of your natural service boar, make sure to feed him a proper grower ration ad lib until 6months of age from where you can switch him over to a Sow & Boar or Dry Sow Ration still ad lib.  From 7months you can start to restrict his feeding to ±2.5kg’s.  Make sure his body condition is optimal and that overweight is prevented.  Young boars should only be used for breeding with young sows and gilts.  Exposing young boars to older and bigger sows might intimidate them too much and influence their future breeding potential.  When young boars are introduced to mating make sure not to over-use them (2 x services in 8-day period) and that they are at least 7 months old. 

To help you maximize the genetic potential of the animals you bought, please follow this link for a free download of PIC’s manuals. 


PIC only provide genetics, but you can follow this link to access companies that will be able to help you with your other needs:


We collect semen on a Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Cross Border transport needs a few

documents from your side as well as our side, please allow enough time for us to get all the

paperwork in order. These documents include the following:

  • Vet Import permit (Original, NO copy will be accepted) from importing client
  • Health Certificate from SA from PIC
  • Certificate of Origin from PIC
  • Tax invoice for goods supplied from PIC
  • Air Waybill from PIC

We must receive your proof of payment before we can proceed with the order. Your order must be

placed at least two weeks before you want to receive the parcel. Please consider that due to the

type of extender we use, semen expires after 7 days from collection.

We can supply anything from 2 sachets to 200 per shipment.

There are daily flights to most International airports.


– The quotes are based on the information provided, should any of the details change, the

quote will also be subject to change.

– The quotes exclude insurance.

– The quotes will be up to the airport only and excludes any destination charges.

– The quotes will be subject to space availability.

– The quotes are based on general cargo and excludes any dangerous goods.

For live animals, please contact Catrien Muller via mail: catrien@picrsa.co.za
For Semen purchases, please contact our Gene Transfer Centre via mail: gtc@picrsa.co.za or via WhatsApp: +27 82 885 9741