PIC 410

PIC 410

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The PIC 410, is a hybrid boar that combines high primal yields, leanness and robustness with the excellent growth rate, feed conversion, carcass leanness and meat quality of the industry’s leading terminal boar, the PIC337

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Resulting from generations of quantitative selection for economically important traits and more recently with the aid of marker-assisted selection, the PIC410 boar is positioned for those producers who desire a terminal boar that sires pigs with efficiently produced high yields of lean primal cuts.

  • High emphasis on lean meat % and conformation
  • Very robust hybrid boar
  • Good libido
  • Exceptional carcass muscling
  • Superb feed conversion ratios
  • The number one all-rounder!
  • For the best value between carcass value and high daily gain