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Protect Your Herd: Avoid These Common Biosecurity Mistakes

Avoid These Common Biosecurity Mistakes Health risks are always looking for a way into the barn. They are relentless, and your biosecurity practices need to be relentless too. Overlooking just one biosecurity protocol could lead to lost productivity and profit. The PIC Health Assurance team has been in the field, assisting farm teams to improve…
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Biosecurity: Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared? Will you get a perfect score in this quick quiz? We challenge you in this issue of the Pig Improver to see if you are already taking the biosecurity action items you should be taking, or if you will learn something new about protecting both your individual operation and the industry as…
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Biosecurity: More Important Than Ever

More Important Than Ever As African swine fever (ASF) continues its deadly spread across Asia and Europe, discussions on biosecurity are laced with increased urgency. But even without a foreign animal disease, there are plenty of domestic health challenges that underpin the need for sound biosecurity practices on every farm. “Biosecurity, by simple definition, is…
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